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About me 

I'm a country girl who grew up drawing the animals I saw and seeing the illustrations on the cards that family members sent us from the Netherlands.
I was always encouraged to draw as a hobby, but not as a profession. When I turned 18, I went to study zootechnics at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. I studied there for 3 years until I understood that I missed art. Trying to get closer to art, I studied architecture for almost 2 years. Architecture also disappointed me,but this time because of its conservatism.
So I decided to study Visual Arts at the State University of Santa Catarina where I have studied since then. I feel perfectly fit into my course, in it, I feel that I have been developing my own style freely..
During the time I studied Architecture, I started taking a free Design course at Epic School. There I developed a lot as an artist and also as a professional, since I worked as a monitor at the school. Since the second year of studies at Epic, I've been doing illustration work for books and similar stuff.

A Ilustradora em questão
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