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Digital art

My work in digital art is largely made from vectors. However, the use of images that express some kind of feeling through human anatomy and clothing enchants me. When the project is thought to be black and white, I focus on extracting the maximum details that make the illustration heavy, to use them later to create the shadows. This is something that attracts me a lot: shadows, confusion, synesthesia.
When I work with colors, I like to work with well-saturated complementary colors. When I have time to work on the project, I do a thorough separation of layers, separating the design into light and dark colors, then I transform them all into hatches that greatly enrich the final result.

Sunny days
Children of the night
Yvves Saint Laurent
For breakfast
Calvin klein
Warming nights
Quando vem?
Um só (only one)
The sun said I'm beautiful, and I will keep it.
I can't resist it, no.
Meet me at the cemetery.
If I could see you once again.
You don't exist.
Roupa íntima (Underwear).
Why do you leave me with watercolor eyes?
To stand.
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